Green fingers or sore fingers?

Following the success of our Original Hadrian's Balm, we're delighted to launch our new product Gardener's Balm. Gardener's Balm has been created to soothe and treat the sensitive fingers of the dedicated gardener. Tiny splits such as 'keens' and 'hacks' from gardening activities can create a great deal of discomfort, often way out of proportion to the wound's actual size.

Soften hard cracked skin

Gardener's Balm is made from pure ingredients such as olive oil and beeswax to soften hard cracked skin, and Benzoin tincture which provides natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to assist the body's own healing processes.

A first aid kit in your pocket

One tiny pot of Gardener's Balm will last for months and can be carried around in your pocket or stored in your shed or greenhouse.

How to apply Gardener's Balm

The method of application is very important. The Balm is applied sparingly and frequently using a finger tip and is rubbed gently into the split and the surrounding area until the split has healed over. For maximum effectiveness it is recommended that the Balm is applied last thing at night and before the start of manual work. If the split becomes sensitive during work then a quick refresher smear can be applied – provided you have the pot of Balm in your pocket! The healing process will vary in duration with each individual and their working conditions but significant improvement is usually noticed within a week or so.


£10.95 (5 x 5ml pots incl. free mainland UK postage. International Postage charged as extra.)

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